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Benco Products in Tea, SD are your Liquid Handling Experts for Agriculture. BENCO has everything farmers need for their planters and sprayers.
Benco Sprayers - Industrial sprayers designed for the real world

3-Point Sprayers Built to Last

BENCO's Ultra-Heavy-Duty 3-Point Agricultural Sprayer for farm equipment

3-Point Sprayers Built BENCO Tough.

  1. 1/2” Thick Steel Reinforced Frame Resists Flexing Under Load
  2. Fully Bolted Together Frame Makes Adding Additional Options Easy
  3. Three-Point Attachment Pins. The Top Pin Adjusts for Cat 2 or Cat 2 HD Mounting
  4. 1/2” Thick Steel A-Frame Holds 3-Point Attachment Pins
  5. Left & Right Pumps are Independently Controlled for Fencline Spraying
  6. Dual TeeJet Throttling Valves with Liquid Filled Gauges Control Pressure
  7. Banjo Screen is Easy to Access & Keeps the System Clog-Free
  8. Brass Valve Bypasses Left Zone for Wand-Only Spraying
  9. Pro Spray Gun with Side-Mounted Spray Adjustment Keeps Hands Chemical Free
  10. 200 Gallon Full-Drain Agricultural Quality Tank
Not Pictured:
  • Mounts for 12’-21’ Boom, Boomless Nozzles, or Both
  • Shutoff Valves Under the Tank for Both Feed & Return / Agitation

Overbuilt 3-Point sprayers engineered for the farm

BENCO 3-Point Sprayers are Engineered for Durability & Flexibilty

BENCO customers use their sprayers every day in every way. They let us know what works and what doesn’t, and we listen. This customer-driven focus helps us engineer flexibility and convenience into every BENCO sprayer.

Our frames are thicker to stand up to the rough life on a farm. Our systems are designed to work in any scenario our customers can think of. Every component is engineered for easy access and logical placement. We only use tried and tested industry-standard liquid handling components from quality brands like Banjo, TeeJet, Ace, HYPRO, TerreMax, and Valley Industries.  You will constantly be amazed by how our systems are just set up to do everything you want to do before you even knew you wanted to do it.

BENCO sprayers will never be the cheapest sprayers in the market, but they will always be the best value.


Heavy Duty 3-Point Frame

Every structural component of a BENCO 3-Point Sprayer is made from extra-thick 1/2″ laser-cut and formed steel plate. All the brackets and mounting plates are made from robust 11 gauge steel. Each piece is powder coated for a durable maintenance free finish and bolted together to lock all these formed pieces together for maximum rigidity.

All BENCO frames are built with expansion in mind, so even our base models can be expanded later with additional booms, hose reels, and other BENCO accessories.

1/2" Thick Steel Frames

Structural frame components are overbuilt with thick 1/2” steel

The toughest frames

All structural frame components are overbuilt with 1/2” thick steel to ensure our 3-point sprayer is the most overbuilt sprayer available.

Cat 2 & Cat 2HD 3-Point Mounts

3-Point pins will fit any size category 2 hitch.

Category 2 & 2 HD Mounts

The 200 gallon BENCO 3-Point Sprayer has adjustable mounting points to fit any cat 2 hitch

Expert Liquid Handling

Better quality components last longer & are easier to service

quality components

We use agricultural quality components throughout each BENCO sprayer. TeeJet throttling valves with Banjo valves & screens ensure BENCO sprayers perform better, last longer, and are easy to service.

Pro Spray guns

BENCO Spray guns work better & are safer to use

Stay-clean spray guns

Our spray guns can reach out 30+ feet. The spray pattern control lever is mounted back on the side of the gun to keep your hands chemical free.

Fenceline Spraying

Left or right fenceline spraying at the flick of a switch

Easy two-switch control

Our dual motor setup allows you to control your left and right side nozzles independently. Go from full spray to fenceline spraying with the flip of a single switch.

Left & Right Boominator Nozzles

32 feet of effective coverage without the boom

Left & Right Boominator Nozzles

Independently controlled Boominator stainless steel nozzles provide 16' of even spraying to both sides of the sprayer for a full 32' effective coverage area.
Choose a 12'-21' boom or go with our boomless option that sprays up to 34'

Spray Your Way.

Our standard sprayers feature Boominator stainless steel boomless nozzles that have a 32 foot coverage pattern (16′ on each side). Boominator tips are perfect for fields and pastures where you may have to spray over obstacles or rolling ground that can interfere with a fixed boom.

We also have several adjustable-height boom options for more precise control over row crops or spraying potent chemicals. BENCO’s standard booms come in 12′, 18′ or 21′ lengths and come plumbed with TeeJet nozzle bodies (tips are not included, but are available). Let us know which tips you prefer and your preferred row spacing when you order. Our 18′ boom (pictured) features nine nozzle bodies, fits great on this frame, and folds down to a 6′ width for transport and storage. Custom booms are available upon request.

Can’t decide whether the boom or boomless option is right for you? DO BOTH! Benco sprayers can accommodate both options simultaneouly. Cam-lock couplings in the feed lines ensure you can quickly switch from boomed to boomless spraying out in the field.

Whatever your needs, BENCO will work with you to create a spray system that is the perfect size and configuration for your needs.

Dual Pumps allow individual left & right spray zones for easy fenceline spraying.
Dual Pumps for More Control

Our most popular configuration uses Ever-Flo 3.0 & 4.0 gallon per minute 12V pumps for years of reliable service. This dual pump setup gives you more control to each spray zone with less plumbing and less draw on your battery than a larger single pump system. 

A simple 2-switch control box lets you control the left and right spray zones independently, giving you incredible spraying flexibility and control. This allows you to go from spraying your pasture to spraying your ditches and fence line with the flick of a switch. Single or triple pump options are available depending on how many spray zones you need.


Professional Full-Drain Tanks

Like all BENCO Sprayers, the standard 200 gallon tank is a FULL-DRAIN unit so that you aren’t left with expensive chemicals in the tank you can’t use. We only use the highest quality rotomolded tanks to ensure years of durability.  The 200 gallon thick-walled tank is translucent so you can see your liquid level and have level markings molded right into the tank so you know exactly how much they hold at all times.

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