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Roadside Spraying Solutions

BENCO Advanced Roadside Spraying Systems

BENCO's Advanced Roadside Spraying solutions are customized to fit each customer's needs.
  1. Industrial 750 gallon rotomolded freshwater-only tank.
  2. Two 24 gallon chemical tanks.
  3. In-line stainless steel mixing chamber allows for almost instant chemical changes with minimal chemical residue.
  4. Electronically controlled chemical injection system allows precise mixture adjustments from the cab on the fly.
  5. Check valves prevent cross-contamination into freshwater tank.
  6. 9 gallon safety tank holds fresh water for washing hands or eyes.
  7. Industrial gas-powered Banjo transfer pump, electronic valves, & plumbing.
  8. Custom-built heavy-duty skid allows entire system to be removed as one unit.
  9. Norstar nutating spray head that has 8 individually controlled zones that cover a 36’ pattern to spray the entire ditch in one pass.
  10. Motorized front-mounted spray boom for precise shoulder-only spraying. All spray heads are motorized to move from “stow” to “go” with the flick of a cab-mounted switch.
BENCO's Advanced Roadside Spraying solutions are customized to fit each customer's needs.

BENCO PRO Roadside sprayers

1000 Gallon Triple Injection Roadside Spray Truck with Seven Boom Nutating Spray Head

This is a good example of what BENCO PRO custom-built spray trucks often look like. It’s designed so the water tank and pump are never contaminated with chemical, has three separate chemical injections, a seven section “wobbler” spray boom mounted on a custom manufactured arm, and an advanced spray controller to run the whole system from the driver’s seat. 

400 Gallon Roadside Sprayer for Pickups

This is a smaller and more basic roadside sprayer specifically designed to fit in the back of a pickup truck. This 400 gallon model is primarily set up with manual controls, but still features a remotely controlled motorized boom with dual patterns and a 200′ spray wand. 

750 Gallon Roadside Sprayer for Flatbed Trucks

This is an excellent example of one of a BENCO PRO Line Roadside Sprayer. This particular model is a skid mounted 750 gallon unit with left and right motorized roadside booms, each with 2 spray patterns and a center boom to spray the roadway itself. It is fully rate controlled and automatically adjusts application rates to vehicle speed. 

BENCO Customized Roadside Spraying Solutions

We love making roadside spray trucks and anti-icing trucks. This is a fun way to show off all we can do and really knock our customer’s socks off with the quality and utility we can design into our sprayer solutions.

BENCO’s roots are in agriculture, where the proper application of chemicals can often make or break a farmer’s year. We are experts in using modern liquid handling technology to efficiently mix, control, and spray the correct amount of chemicals for any given speed. Our spray systems are more precise and higher tech than many of our competitors. This can add a little cost to the bid, but that is quickly made up for by the savings in both labor and decreased chemical costs that our systems provide.

If you want the highest quality, most efficient spraying solution, call BENCO today.

The BENCO Custom Process

BENCO prides ourselves on being responsive to our clients and overdelivering on customer expectations. We start by working with you to determine all of your needs before we engineer your system. Each job is customized to your needs and budget and each spray system is built specifically for you. We don’t sell off-the-shelf solutions, so each BENCO road sprayer is a perfect fit for your individual needs

Here are some example questions we may ask to get a feel for your project.

  • What are the different applications you plan to use the road sprayer for?
  • What is the maximum width you need to spray? How much control over the pattern do you need?
  • Do you have any preferences on spray patterns or booms? 
  • What size tanks do you need to minimize time lost coming back for refills? 
  • Do you need separate chemical tanks or will you mix in the tank? How many chemicals do you  need on board? 
  • How versatile do you want it to be? Can we engineer two spray trucks into one system? 
  • Will this be a dedicated spray truck or do you need the spray system to be removable? 
  • Do you want an electronically controlled system that is more efficient and precise or a simple mechanical system? 
  • What are the budget constraints? What are your priorities? 

We know all of this can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we are here to guide you through each step. We have helped hundreds of counties, municipalities, landscapers and construction companies navigate the process to get the best possible sprayer for their individual needs.  

Once we have the requirements for the project, we will engineer a system that works for you. We will submit the bid and go over it with you so you understand all the benefits and features a BENCO Spray System truly provides. 

Once we agree to do business, we will collect the truck you want to use and slot your new sprayer into the production cue. In no time at all, you’ll have your custom BENCO road sprayer sitting in your shop. The biggest hassle you’ll face is deciding who gets to use it.   


Roadside Sprayer for Marion County Iowa

High Performance Roadside Spraying the BENCO way.

An Iowa county contacted us because they needed a roadside sprayer. We worked with them to get all the details that they would need and then came up with a design that will meet all their needs while making the job as efficient as possible for the operator, saving them time and money. 

The county wanted to make sure their freshwater tank never got contaminated by chemicals. We designed a multi-tank system that gives them the flexibility to use any chemicals they choose without risk of cross contamination between tanks. The system’s electronics ensure that they always apply the correct mix of chemical at the correct application rate, regardless of speed variation. This ensures Marion County gets the maximum benefit from their chemical budget, while minimizing any waste.

This roadside spraying truck features:

  • Norstar nutating or “wobbler” sprayhead has a 36 foot coverage area
  • 9 individually controlled spray zones
  • Front-end sprayer for more controlled spray right next to roadway
  • Industrial spray controller automatically adjust pressure to driving speed to achieve uniform coverage regardless of application speed
  • Sprayheads are motorized to move from “stow” to “go” with the flick of a switch on the control module in the cab
  • Two 24 gallon chemical tanks
  • 750 gallon freshwater tank
  • 9 gallon safety tank for washing your hands and eyes in case of spills.
  • Agricultural quality spray controllers allow for more precise chemical mixing  control from the cab
  • Small inline stainless steel mixing chamber allows for almost instant chemical changes while spraying with minimal chemical residue
  • Check valves ensure no chemicals ever get into freshwater tank
  • Reliable, easy-starting Honda gas motor as powers the system
  • Industrial Banjo high-pressure water pump
  • Return valve circulates unneeded pressurized water back into freshwater tank
  • Industrial quality Banjo Liquid Handling valves and fittings for years of reliable service
  • Our hoses feature quick-release camlock fittings
  • Heavy duty steel skid with fork holes so the entire system can be removed without emptying system
  • Easy access quick-connect fill / drain connection on freshwater tank  

Other available roadside spraying options:

  • Additional tanks for more chemical applications
  • Tanks can be sized to customer requirements
  • Hose reels and hand guns for spot spraying
  • Rear mounted spray bar
  • Anti-icing spray system
  • Additional booms can achieve up to 52′ of spray coverage
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