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Truck Mounted Deicing & Dust Control Sprayers

BENCO Anti-Icing / Dust Control Spraying Solutions

BENCO De-Icing & Dust Control Sprayers are more advanced & built better
  1. Industrial 500 gallon chemical-resistant rotomolded tank
  2. Banjo pump powered by Honda gas engine
  3. 3 Banjo electronic valves control center boom, plus left & right
    roadside spray tips (controlled from cab-mounted switches)
  4. Stainless steel spray boom with deicing tips at 8” spacing
  5. Left & right side roadside spray tips (independently controlled)
  6. Tank return valve can be cracked to agitate tank fluid
  7. 2” quick-fill valve can use the pump to fill or drain the tank fast.
  8. 50’ spray wand on motorized-return hose reel
  9. Heavy-duty frame with formed C-channel construction bolted to bed
  10. Reinforced fork receivers make removal after the season easy
  11. Quick-release boom allows for flat storage or quick dust control boom changes

    Not shown: Electronic controller in cab accounts for vehicle speed
    and adjusts pressure to ensure the perfect application rate

The Deicing sprayer you can use all year round.

BENCO Sprayers are largely designed by our customers. By listening to our customers and responding to their needs, we have created some of the most innovative sprayers on the market. Many of these features aren’t radical ideas and don’t add much cost to the system, but they make BENCO Sprayers infinitely more flexible and enjoyable to use. Nowhere is this more evident than in our truck mounted deicing sprayers. BENCO’s skid-mounted slide-in deicing sprayers give you more flexibility to do more things with one single solution. They are deicers in the winter, dust-control sprayers in the summer, and can be used for roadside spraying all year long.

Deicing in the Winter
BENCO deicing sprayers can cover a 40 foot swath of icy pavement with every pass. We have an 8 foot corrosion-resistant stainless steel booom in the center of the truck with two Boominator boomless roadside spray nozzles on each side that add an additional 16 feed of coverage on either side. The system is controlled in the cab by the tried-and-true Raven SCS 440 spray control module that automatically adjusts pressure to roadspeed  for the most efficient application of chemicals. Each zone of the system (left, center and right) can be turned off and on with a flick of a switch without stopping or getting out in the cold.

Dust Control in the Summer
In the summer, the same system can be used for spraying roads and construction areas for dust control by just swapping out the chemical in the tank. Many of our landscaping and construction customers have opened up surprising new revenue streams in their business by spraying private gravel roads and driveways for rural customers.

Boomless Roadside Spraying
This is a favorite for our County and Municipal Government customers. The same road sprayer that works so hard all winter can quickly turn into the favorite machine for their roadside vegetation management programs. If the 16 foot Boominator boomless roadside spray nozzles don’t give enough coverage, a quick change of the nozzles can get you spraying up to 32 feet on either side of the truck with perfect spray coverage and uniform droplet size.

Give BENCO a call today at 605-213-1010 to see how this flexible sprayer can truly meet all your needs.

BENCO Deicing & Dust Control Sprayer Features

Speed Sensitive Rate Control
BENCO is the ag sprayer experts. That’s why we use top quality agricultural electronics, like Raven’s SCS 440 or SCS 450 control modules to manage our sprayers. These systems have continuously proven their worth over the last 40 years in the ag industry and continue to lead the pack today. Like BENCO sprayers, these flexible systems are easy to use and just work. Enter your application rate and target speed and they automatically adjust the system pressure to match the exact pressure in the system to the actual roadspeed you are driving and the number of zones you are spraying at the time. We couple that with BENCO’s own high-quality weather resistant wire harnesses for years of trouble free service.

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain
BENCO services everything we sell, and you can tell it in our system designs. We know what a pain most equipement is to work on, because we’ve had to fix most of it for our customers over the years. We make everything as easy to use and maintain as possible. All valves are up front and easy to access. We add a 2″ quick-fill coupling so you can use the pump to fill the tank from a reservoir in no time at all. Our hoses feature Banjo Cam Couplings for quick disconnects. Our spray booms feature quick-disconnect pins and can be rotated 180 degrees so the sprayer can be stored flat on the ground.  All wiring is tucked out of the way and has weather-resistant quick connects. Our skids all feature pickup points and forklift receivers to make loading and unloading your sprayers easy. BENCO Sprayers are better simply because they make your job easier.  

Heavy-Duty BENCO Construction
At BENCO, we don’t cut corners. Everything we build is meant to be used hard. We use heavy gauge steel for the frames and brackets.  All of our plumbing uses industrial Banjo Liquid Handling glass-reinforced pumps, fittings, and cam couplers with heavy duty kink-free hoses. Every piece of your BENCO sprayer is designed to overperform in any weather.

Customizable to Fit Your Needs
As with all BENCO sprayers, each system is customized to the needs of each customer. It starts with a simple conversation to figure out how you plan to use your sprayer. From there we will give you a several options to find a solution that best fits both your requirements and your budget. Give us a call today to discuss your ideas.
BENCO Builds

multi-use Deicing / Dust Control / Roadside Spray Truck for Landscaping company

Weller Brothers is a large landscaper with many local customers on maintenance contracts for both landscaping maintenance in the summer and snow removal in the winter. They came to BENCO when they needed a multi-use sprayer that they can use all year round that can stand up the demands of their busy schedule.  

Winter – Deicing Spray Truck

South Dakota winters are extremely cold and can get nasty quick. Maintenance companies need a cost effective solution that will keep their customers’ lots clear, but not eat up their profits in product cost and overtime every time it snows. This spray truck is the perfect solution.

A single driver can treat a large parking lot with deicing chemical quickly and cost-effectively. They can service more customers faster, which is a tremendous savings on labor. They can also be out spraying earlier in the storm because the chemical will melt the snow and ice as it continues to fall. This proactive approach keeps their customers happy and safe while minimizing the need for return trips.

Summer – Dust Control and Roadside Spraying

In the summer, they can change out the nozzles in five minutes and use their BENCO Sprayer for dust control on roads and job sites. Many of their rural customers also contract them to apply dust control chemicals to their gravel driveways.

We also equipped the spray boom with independently controlled boomless side sprayers to they can use it for roadside spraying as well. Our Boominator Boomless Spray Nozzles come in a variety of patterns and can spray up to 16 feet on either side of the truck., however there are nozzles available with up to a 32 foot range.

Speed Sensitive Application Control

The Raven Industries SCS 440 agricultural-quality electronic rate control console mounted in the cab gives complete control over which sprayers are active (left roadside spray nozzle, the center road spray boom, or right roadside spray nozzle) with the flick of a switch without slowing down.

This high-tech agricultural spray control module also automatically adjusts the system pressure to match road speed. Just put in the application rate into the monitor and it will adjust the pressures for you so that you apply the most efficient amount of chemical at all times without wasting any chemical, regardless of speed.

True BENCO Quality. 

Like all BENCO Sprayers, this system was built with the highest quality industrial spec parts including Banjo filters, valves, and fittings. All hoses feature industrial quick-change camlock connectors. BENCO sprayers are engineered with the customer in mind, with all controls positioned for easy to access and maintenance. Needless to say, Weller Brothers was extremely happy when they picked up their sprayer.

This road deicing truck features:

  • Electronic sprayer control from cab
  • Raven Industries 440 spray controller automatically adjusts flow rates to different driving speeds
  • Independently controlled left and right side sprayers for wider coverage or roadside spraying
  • Three spraying zones for left, center, and right sides can be controlled from the cab on the fly
  • Eight nozzle rear boom with 10″ spacing to ensure full coverage
  • Quick-change nozzles to switch from deicing to dust control road spraying
  • Stainless steel rear spray manifold for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Removable endcaps to easily flush stainless steel spray manifold 
  • Boominator boomless roadside spray nozzles add an extra 16 feet of coverage on either side of the vehicle
  • Hose reel with electric rewind feature for hand spraying
  • Rear-facing frame mounted switch for hose winder gives easy access 
  • Reinforced fifty foot hose with brass hand sprayer
  • Extra large 500 Gallon chemical resistant rotomolded tank for durability and longevity
  • Easy access 2″ cam coupling fill/drain outlet on main tank
  • Pump can be used to quickly fill tank from a reservoir by switching a few valves
  • Pressurized tank return valves helps agitate the tank to ensure uniform chemical mixing
  • High pressure Banjo transfer pump for years of reliability
  • Reliable, easy starting Honda gas engine powers the pump
  • Electronically controlled valves activate different spray zones from the cab on the fly
  • Skid mounted with fork slots so it can be removed and stored with a full tank
  • Quick-release removable spray boom
  • Hoses equipped with industrial quick-release cam couplings
  • Reinforced Banjo filter housing and screen mounted for easy maintenance
  • Industrial Banjo Liquid Handling ball valves with oversized handles make rerouting fluid easy.
  • All fittings are industrial quality glass-reinforced PVC from Banjo Liquid Handling Products
  • Quick-disconnect adjustable height spray boom
  • Heavy duty steel skid and mounting brackets throughout 
  • Stainless steel spray manifold for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Weather resistant powder coated finish on frame and mounting brackets
  • Reinforced forklift receivers allow entire system to be quickly removed from vehicle
  • Skid features four heavy-duty D-rings to secure sprayer to vehicle.
  • Skids may be bolted to the truck bed for a more secure permanent mounting option

Additional road deicing / spraying options:

  • Separate chemical tanks with external mixing chamber to keep freshwater tank chemical free
  • Roadside Sprayer attachments
  • Tanks available in multiple sizes from 200 gallon up to 1000 gallon capacity, depending on weight restrictions of vehicle
  • High pressure electric pumps available 
  • customizable spray nozzles and configurations
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