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Side-by-side & UTV Sprayers

BENCO 100 gallon UTV Sprayer mounted in a Kubota Side-By-Side.
BENCO Heavy Duty Sprayers for UTVs are built to work better and last longer.

Sprayers built BENCO Tough.

1   Heavy-duty 11 gauge steel powder coated frame

2   Rugged 50 or 100 gallon rotomolded tank

3   Dual 3.0 GPM 12v pumps allow independent control of left or right spray

4   Flexible wired remote controls each pump individually for fence line spraying

5   Dual TeeJet throttling valves w/ liquid-filled gauges

6   Banjo line strainer with stainless steel screen prevents clogs

7   Brass valve turns off spray nozzle for wand-only spraying

8   Professional Valley Industries adjustable spray gun  (NEW!)

9   Standard 10’ wand hose. (longer hoses & hose reels available)

10  Standard Boominator 1250 or 1400 boomless spray nozzles

11  3/4″ Quick-fill / Quick-drain port with Banjo valve protected inside skid

12  Reinforced fork receivers for easy handling, even with a full tank

13  Mounting point for optional quick-release spray booms

Side-by-side and UTV sprayers built to industrial standards.

BENCO Side-by-side and UTV Sprayers are Designed for Flexibilty

BENCO customers use their sprayers every day in every way. They let us know what works and what doesn’t, and we listen. This feedback has helped us build flexibility and convenience into each sprayer that you just can’t get from our competitors. You will constantly be amazed by how our systems are just set up to do everything you want to do before you even knew you wanted to do it.

BENCO Sprayers are built to the highest standards

Our sprayers are always built with industrial components for years of reliability under hard use. BENCO sprayers will never be the cheapest sprayers in the market, but they will always be the best.

A Multitude of Spray Options

Our sprayers can be ordered in any number of configurations. Our standard sprayers feature stainless steel boomless nozzles from Boomenator that can reach out 32 feet on each side. That’s throwing some water.

We also have several adjustable-height boom options for more precise control. Our standard boom is a 12′ straight bar model that folds down to a 4′ width. Our largest side by side boom is the trifold 30′ model pictured above. BENCO will work with you to create a spray system that is the perfect size and configuration for your needs.

By default, our side by side and UTV sprayers feature dual pumps with a remote control that lets you control the left and right side independently. This allows you to go from spraying your pasture to spraying your fence line with the flick of a switch. Single pump options are available.

Left & Right Boominator Nozzles

32 feet of effective coverage without the boom

Left & Right Boominator Nozzles

Independently controlled Boominator stainless steel nozzles provide 16' of even spraying to both sides of the sprayer for a full 32' effective coverage area.

Fenceline Spraying

Left or right fenceline spraying at the flick of a switch

Easy two-switch control

Our dual motor setup allows you to control your left and right side nozzles independently. Go from full spray to fenceline spraying with the flip of a single switch.

Pro Spray guns

BENCO Spray guns work better & are safer to use

Stay-clean spray guns

Our spray guns can reach out 30+ feet. The spray pattern control lever is mounted back on the side of the gun to keep your hands chemical free.

Professional valves & fittings

Better quality components last longer & are easier to service

quality components

We use agricultural quality components throughout each BENCO sprayer. TeeJet throttling valves with Banjo valves & screens ensure BENCO sprayers perform better, last longer, and are easy to service.

easy access fill / drain valves

Full drain tanks with frame mounted fill & drain ports

Full drain tanks & easy access ports

BENCO's rear-mounted fill / drain port allows you to painlessly drain (or fill) the tank by just opening a valve. Hook up a hose for less mess & more control.

Heavy duty frames

11 gauge powder-coated steel frames with fork receivers and boom mounts are standard on all models.

robust frames with fork receivers

Our reinforced steel frames feature fork receivers to make loading & unloading your sprayer easy, even with a full tank. Boom mounts add more spraying options.
Industrial Quality Components

BENCO only uses top quality components in our products. We use Banjo filters, fittings, and valves throughout with camlock quick release connectors. Our standard electric pumps are industrial Ever-Flo 3300 3.0 gallon per minute models for years of reliability. Our thick reinforced hoses can handle the high pressure of our professional sprayers.

Heavy Duty Frame

Our skids are welded from heavy duty 11 gage steel and powder coated for a durable maintenance free finish. BENCO skids are engineered with reinforced forklift receivers so you can load and unload your sprayer without having to empty the tank and four heavy duty D-ring tie downs to keep them secure on the road. Our frames are built with expansion in mind, so even our base models can be expanded later with additional BENCO accessories.

Professional Tanks

We only use the highest quality rotomolded tanks to ensure years of durability. Available in 50 or 100 gallon sizes, these thicker-walled tanks are still translucent so you can see your liquid level and have level markings molded right into the tank so you know exactly how much they hold at all times.

BENCO Sprayers-Xboom UTV Sprayer extended

BENCO Standard Side-by-Side sprayer with boomless & spray boom attachment

BENCO standard side-by-side and UTV sprayers  are built to be used every day with quality components throughout. Our UTV sprayers feature pumps from Ever-Flo, Banjo Liquid Handling valves and quick-release camlock fittings, 50 or 100 gallon rotomolded tanks, and heavy-duty 11 gauge steel construction with powder-coated finish. 

Our sprayers are available with both boomed and boomless spray options. The side by side skid mounted sprayer pictured above has our standard 12′ spray boom that folds down to 4′ for transport. The adjustable-height boom can be quickly rotated 180 degrees without tools so it can be stored flat on the ground when not in use.  The standard forklift receiver slots make it easy to remove your BENCO Sprayer, even with a full tank. 

All side by side sprayers feature independently controlled dual pumps that control the left and right side of the sprayer. Go from full spray to spraying fence-line on either side with the flick of a switch on BENCO’s wired control box from the driver’s seat.

BENCO side-by-side sprayer features:

  • Designed to industrial standards for years of reliable use.
  • Ideal for industrial, municipal, farm or roadside use.
  • Heavy duty 11 gauge steel construction
  • Standard frame fits most side by sides
  • Forklift receivers integrated into frame allows sprayer to be loaded or unloaded without emptying the tank
  • Tough powder coated finish
  • Integrated tie down mounts
  • Fully serviceable with standard fluid handling parts.
  • 2 Hard mounted stainless steel boomless sprayers with 32’ spray coverage
  • Optional 12’ spray boom with 20” spray nozzle spacing. Custom size booms available up to 32’
  • 12′ spray boom folds to compact 4’ width.
  • Nozzles adjusted to customer specification, usually 20” to 40” apart.
  • Industrial HYPRO spray nozzles
  • Quick-release spray boom can be rotated 180 degrees for flat storage
  • Integrated hand sprayer with frame-mounted holder and hose brackets
  • Professional brass spray wand with adjustable nozzle
  • Standard wand has a 10′ foot hose for mobility.
  • Hose reel for hand-sprayer available.
  • Electric hose winding options available.
  • Dual Ever-Flo EF 3000 3.0 GPM pumps standard
  • High quality BANJO components and fittings
  • Quick couplers to swap out hoses.
  • Reliable brass ball valve for wand-only control
  • Heavy duty reinforced hose designed to take years of abuse
  • Independent pressure control for each side
  • Deluxe fluid filled gauges for extra reliability
  • BANJO heavy duty filter housing and screens
  • Easy to use wired remote control unit gives greater mobility and convenience
  • Control box on 10’ cable for convenient in cab use.
  • Switch from full spray to left or right side fence line spraying with the flick of a switch
  • Heavy-duty rotomolded tank 
  • 50 and 100 Gallon tank options.
  • Translucent tank so you can see fluid level
  • Gallon and Liter markings molded directly into tank

Please note

Manufacturing capacity is currently limited by tank availability. Please contact us today at (605) 213-1010 to see which options are currently available.

More custom BENCO side by side sprayers

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