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Benco Planters - custom built using Precision Planting technology

BENCO Custom Rebuilt Planters

Benco Manufacturing + Precision Planting = the best planters available.

Hot Rod Your Old Planter

Get more performance for less money by upgrading your existing planter. 

Hot Rodding is the art of taking an outdated machine and adding newer technology to make it perform better than the original engineers ever dreamed of. When built right, the old machine can actually out-perform modern equivalents. This is exactly what BENCO does to your planter.   

BENCO can upgrade you with all the latest tech while saving you tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars over buying a new planter with the same tech. Our rebuilt planters feature the latest Precision Planting technology and perform as well or better than the new OEM planters at an incredible discount.   

Obviously upgrading isn’t cheap, but the gains in yield often pay for the upgrade very quickly. Plus, the precision data collected from planting and harvest can help you and your agronomist make better decisions year over year to get the maximum yield out of every field.

Give BENCO a call today at (605) 213-1010 and start Hot Rodding your planter.

The BENCO Process

1. Review

We come out and perform a full inspection of your planter to see problem areas. We will look for any items that are worn out and look for any structural issues in the planter itself. Every wiggle must be eliminated in the row units.

2. Recommend

Now that we know the condition of your planter, we need to know what you want to accomplish. We will work with you to see what your goals are and what your budget is.

Based on your objectives and budget, we will give you a quote of what we recommend that will give you the best bang for your buck. That may mean whole new Precision Planting row units to give you maximum performance, or just a few select upgrades if your planter is in good shape overall. 

Our recommendations generally include DeltaForce to achieve uniform planting depth, vDrive + vSet for proper seed singulation, and the 20/20 Gen3 electronics to run the system and track your planting data. Other Precision Planting components can be added as your needs and budget allow.

3. Reinforce

Now the work begins. 

We will go through and make sure your planter drawbar is structurally sound and up for the load the new components will give it. Even the slightest wobble in the row units can easily translate into ½” differences in planting depth, which will affect emergence. 

We may add parallel bars or fabricate reinforcements as needed. When we are done, your planter won’t have any flex in the structure that may affect its performance out in the field.

4. Rebuild

BENCO will update your system with the latest Precision Planting and BENCO components. Depending on your goals and budget, we may add full Precision Planting row units or just individual components that will meet your needs. We will also add new Gen3 electronics and wiring so you have the best tracking and data available on the market. 

 on how your fields were planted. We also usually recommend adding in-furrow liquid fertilizer with OnSite monitoring to give you the most benefit for your fertilizer buck.  

Schedule your planter service early to be ready for spring planting.

There’s a lot to rebuilding a planter properly. It generally takes a week to properly rebuild a planter in our shop. To guarantee you have your planter ready to go when you need it, we recommend you schedule your rebuild during the off-season to avoid the rush during planting season.

While we can do upgrades in the field, we highly recommend that you bring us your planter to be rebuilt in our shop where we have access to all the parts, tools and fabrication machines needed to make your planter better than new. It will save you money on service charges and give you a better overall product. 

Due to high volumes of work we get during the planting season, we cannot guarantee any delivery dates in April, May or June. Most of that time will be devoted to break-fixes and service calls for farmers in the field. We highly recommend that you schedule your planter upgrades from July – February for the best service.   

Give us a call today at (605) 213-1010 to get your planter on the schedule! 

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