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Benco heavy duty tank trailer with 2" transfer pump, quick fills, and agitation

Trailers Built BENCO Tough

BENCO Products 1315 Gallon HD Tender Trailer

Join Johannes as he walks you through the features and operation of BENCO’s 1315 Gallon Nurse Trailer.

You’ll see why we believe that BENCO trailers are the best built, best performing, and best value trailers in the ag industry. 

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BENCO 1315 gallon full drain Nurse Trailers are built stronger and packed with standard features

Heavy-duty nurse trailers tough enough for real farm use

BENCO Nurse Trailers are designed specifically for the demanding life on a farm.  From our incredibly rigid reinforced boxed rail frame, to the safety of our standard 4-wheel trailer brakes and highway rated tires, to the quality of our liquid handling components, every piece of a BENCO Trailer is thoughtfully engineered for years of hard use.

It all starts with the frame. 

Like you, we’ve used other trailers. We know what a floppy taco they can be the second they leave the road. And sometimes, you just have to drive through a ditch to get the job done.

BENCO’s heavy-duty 1/4″ thick fully boxed steel frames provide incredible stiffness. Our frames won’t twist and flex like a standard C-channel framed trailer when being driven into a field or through a ditch. This extra rigidity even shows when you are pulling it down the road.  BENCO Nurse Trailers pull smooth and track straight, even on rough gravel roads.

Flexibility & Usability

There’s more to building a great nurse trailer than just strength. It has to work. BENCO Trailers are built by the liquid handling experts at BENCO, so you can trust that utility & flexibility is built into every trailer we make.

The “just right” sized 1315 gallon tank provides the perfect balance between the amount of water you need in the field and the amount of water your vehicle will tow safely. Our 1315 gallon tank will provide 2 full fills on a 600 gallon sprayer or planter. Add a cone tank with mixing system to mix your chemical and fresh water as you add it to your planter or sprayer. 

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BENCO tank trailers provide optimum balance and tongue weight for safe hauling.

Better balanced for safer hauling

BENCO Trailers have perfect weight distribution for safe travel and level ride height.

Hauling 13,000 pounds of liquid can be tricky, especially with a poorly balanced trailer. BENCO trailers are designed to take the bulk of the load while providing the optimum 10% tongue weight to keep things safely under control. 

Too much tongue weight, and the trailer will push around the truck’s rear end. Too little and the trailer will wag behind your truck like a happy dog’s tail. But when you get the balance just right, it will follow perfectly in your truck’s tracks without overloading the truck’s rear springs. Easy to pull. Easy to back. No drama. No fuss.  

Standard dual leaf springs work together to absorb road irregularities while 4-wheel electric trailer brakes help keep all this weight under control when stopping. Combine this with the near-perfect weight balance and our super rigid frames and you have an incredibly safe trailer that’s always ready to go to work. Feel comfortable and confident when hauling tons of liquid out to the field with a BENCO Trailer.

Engineered with the BENCO touch.

Everything we build is designed with the farmer in mind. Our job is to make your job easier. Simple things like valve placement, the way hoses are run, or being able to pump into the tank from your ground storage doesn’t add a lot to the cost, but it sure adds a lot to the usability.

Our engineers sweat every detail to make BENCO trailers and sprayers the most durable, usable, and thoughtfully laid out products in the market.

Our lead engineer farms. He knows how frustrating poorly designed equipment can be to use. He designs products that he would want to use out in the field. His attention to detail shows in the quality and usability of every BENCO product. Our trailers don’t necessarily do anything differently, BENCO trailers just do everything better.

Industrial quality. Incredible value.

1300 gallons of 30% can quickly turn into 13,000 pounds of  trouble if your trailer isn’t up for the challenge.  BENCO Nurse Trailers are over-designed, over-built, and out-perform our competitors at every level but are priced comparably to our national competitors. 

BENCO Trailers may not be the cheapest nurse trailers on the market, but we deliver the best value for the dollar in the industry, bar none.  

Call BENCO Products at 605.213.1010 today to order yours. 

How much trailer do you need?

All BENCO Nurse Trailers are built to the same high standards of quality and durability. However, what we put on top of them is up to you. You can buy the basic trailer and build it yourself, choose a ready-to-roll package with the pumps & plumbing set up, or we can create a custom solution built to your specs. 

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BENCO tank trailer with 1315 gallon tank


1315 gallon tank & trailer.
Industrial quality without the bells & whistles.

Starting at  $10,490
  • Industrial frame, heavy duty axles, leaf springs, trailer brakes, & an adjustable hitch
  • 1315 gallon full drain tank + hoops
  • Green treated pine deck
  • Hoop-mounted hose hooks
  • Add your own pump, fittings & hoses
BENCO heavy-duty custom built nurse trailers

Pumper Pack

Our Basic trailer with the pump, fittings & hoses set up the BENCO way & ready-to-roll. 

Starting at $12,990
  • 2″ Honda powered Banjo transfer pump 
  • 2″ full port valves & fittings
  • Two quick-fill tank fittings (pump & passive)
  • Agitate or fill the tank with the pump
  • Pump from an external source
  • Our most popular nurse trailer package
BENCO full box framed basic tank trailer


We start with the Basic trailer and then build everything to your exact specifications.

Call for a Quote
  • Choose your pump, hose & fitting configurations
  • Add 30 Gallon cone induction tanks 
  • Add metered chemical injection
  • Add venturi mixing system
  • Add a 2″ hose reel 
  • Custom manufacturing available

Customizable to fit your needs.

Our tank trailers are designed to be flexible enough to fit any need. We start with our heavy duty nurse trailer frame then engineer it to fit your exact needs. 

Our liquid handling experts will work with you to create a custom solution that does everything you need better than you ever thought possible. Need a transfer pump with agitation? No problem. Need to add a 30 gallon cone tank  with metered injection mixed through a venturi with check valves to ensure the water tank never gets contaminated? Easy. 

However specific your needs, BENCO has probably already built a few systems just like it. If not, we love a challenge. Give us a call today at (605) 213-1010 to get your trailer on order and start the customization process.

Hauling 13,000 lbs of fertilizer and water can be nerve wracking, even in the best trucks. You need a trailer that can handle the weight and keep it under control so you can get where your are going safely. Blah blah easy to tow. Feel safe. Drive faster without fear. Make life better. etc.

Drives straight, tracks perfectly around corners

Even empty, the heavy duty frame minimizes bouncing

No flex in frame over rough gravel and dips.

Drama free, even when full.

Tank mounted over wheels minimizing tongue weight

trailer brakes make stopping with a full tank drama free

Full tank =10,500lbs (H2O=8lbs/gal) -13,000lbs. (fertilizer=10lbs/gal)

BENCO Trailers track straight and true on highways, gravel, around corners and out in the field. You will still feel the 10,000-13,000 lbs. of liquid behind your vehicle, but you’ll feel safer than ever before when towing that amount of weight. 

BENCO 1315 Nurse Trailer

BENCO heavy-duty custom built nurse trailers

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty fully boxed frame
    • Resists bending and flexing in the field, giving a much longer service life.
    • Reinforced gussets welded to the frame at key flex points
    • Heavy duty 1/4″ thick full boxed steel construction
    • Tank mounted centrally over wheels, for perfect balance and ideal 10% tongue weight.
  • Equipment platform easily accommodates pumps, chemical tanks, and plumbing
    • Platform constructed from green treated 2×6 pine
    • Platform can either sit flush with the frame or recessed.
    • Wood platform makes mounting additional products easy.
  • Standard 1315 gallon full drain tank
    • Full-drain for easy maintenance and no loss of product. 
    • Industrial rotomolded ACE tank.
    • Provides 2 refills for 600 gallon planters & sprayers.
    • Ideal balance of trailer weight vs. liquid capacity.
  • Heavy duty tandem axles for easy pulling and maximum load handling.
  • Leaf springs help with ride and share the load on the frame.
  • Standard electric trailer brakes on all four wheels allow safe highway transport.
  • Adjustable hitch mount fits any size vehicle.
  • Standard ball hitch can be swapped for clevis hitch.
  • Full drain tank trailers feature hose management built into the frame.
  • 8 lug heavy-duty wheels with ST235/80 R16 highway rated trailer tires rated to 15,432 LBS at 80 MPH.
  • Lights & reflectors come standard. 
  • Hose hooks hold 20+ feet of 2″ hose.

Available Features

  • 2″ or 3″ Banjo transfer pump with Honda or Briggs motor.
  • Flat bottom tanks also available.
  • Pump can be set up to fill the tank from ground storage with onboard pump.
  • 30 gallon cone bottom induction tank with metered injection available (with or without venturi).
  • 2″ hose reels available. 
  • You name it, we can build it. 


  • Length: 17’1″ (521 cm)
  • Width: 7’6″ (229 cm)
  • Height: 7′ with tank (214 cm)
  • Pump can be set up to fill the tank from ground storage w/o any extra pumps.
  • 30 gallon cone bottom induction tank with metered injection.
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