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OnSite FMS adds digital accuracy to row-by-row flow monitoring of in-furrow and starter fertilizer on your planter.
Know your Flow on Every Row with OnSIte FMS.
OnSite FMS shows the actual flow rates on each row of your planter right in your cab.

Know your flow on every row.

If you are already applying in-furrow fertilizer, you know the benefits it can give your plants. What you probably don’t know is how effectively you are applying it to your field. You know how much fertilizer you used, but you probably don’t know how evenly it was spread from row to row.

OnSite FMS gives you precise measurements of the flow rates on each row. You’ll see problems as they develop, not after it’s too late. You can make adjustments earlier, giving you better coverage and helping feed your field uniformly. For even more control, combine OnSite with a BENCO Motor Controller to dial in the precise application rate from the driver’s seat.

OnSite FMS tells you exactly how much in-furrow fertilizer your planter is using on each individual row.

See actual flow rates on each row.

Watch the flow rate for each row in real-time on an easy-to-read 7” HD display right in your cab. Our graphical interface makes it obvious at a glance if any rows are getting too little or too much fertilizer. You will know the exact amount of fertilizer you are putting in every row at all times.

Our simple interface makes it obvious when rows are starting to get clogged. When a row turns red, it is likely getting clogged. You will know how badly it is affected and can quickly make any adjustments to ensure you are getting the optimal amount of fertilizer in each row.  

OnSite FMS monitor mounted in tractor

OnSite’s big beautiful display

OnSite’s easy-to-understand 7” HD display always gives you full visibility of your flow rates on each row. Our simple bar graphs show you in real time if the flow rate is dropping on one row or spiking on another. You can tell at a glance how the system is running and make necessary adjustments.

Unlike floating balls, OnSite’s’ big touchscreen works just as well at night or in poor visibility conditions. OnSite FMS also works equally well with any density (or color) of liquid fertilizer. OnSite is always ready to go when you are.

OnSite is available with either a traditional wired monitor or optional Bluetooth module to wirelessly communicate from the planter to the 7″ touchscreen without running any wires. All OnSite FMS systems come standard with a heavy duty RAM Mount for the monitor.

Take the guesswork out of your in-furrow fertilizer investment and see exactly how your planter is running by adding OnSite to your planter today.

Planter swap from red balls to OnSite FMS

Easy universal installation.

OnSite FMS is designed to easily replace your current floating ball system. We designed OnSite FMS to be a direct bolt-on replacement to a typical floating ball system. You won’t have to replumb your tractor, just remove your floating balls and bolt OnSite FMS in its place.

If you are looking to add starter fertilizer for the first time, we have complete kits with everything you need. You get the tanks, brackets, hoses, fittings, mounting hardware and fertilizer tubes. Each kit is designed to be a complete system that gives you everything you need to easily bolt up to your specific planter.

OnSite even makes wiring easy. We have custom wiring harnesses designed for most planters to make easy work of the wiring. Each connector is clearly labeled so you know exactly where they go. All necessary mounting hardware is included in your kit. There’s even a Bluetooth option available for the in-cab display so you don’t have to run a wire into the cab. If you do get stuck, our knowledgeable staff is only a phone call away. Installation services are also available.

Serviceable with full support.

OnSite stands behind our products with a full satisfaction guarantee. OnSite is designed to stand up to years of heavy use in the field. If something does go wrong, OnSite is designed to be easily serviced using standard fluid-handling parts. That means that you can work on it yourself. No more calls to the implement dealer to arrange expensive service calls that often cause days or weeks of delay. 

OnSite FMS set up on a 24 row planter applying dual products in-furrow

Onsite Specs

  • Monitors up to 60 rows at a time
  • Optional 2nd product setup for dual fertilizer capability
  • Wiring for section display option
  • High Resolution 7” display with cradle mount
  • Displays GPM and GPA on individual rows to maximize accuracy on volume usage
  • Also displays GPM and GPA on sections to help determine blockages in section strainer.
  • High quality RAM Mount (Either suction cup or screw-in)
  • Standard sections monitor 4 to 12 rows
  • Quick connect flow meters
  • High quality Wilger Manifolds
  • 11 Gauge steel mounting brackets
  • Installs as a direct replacement to standard floating ball systems using standard connections.
  • Custom wiring harnesses available for most planters
  • Optional bluetooth modules available for wireless connection between planter and cab