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BENCO Motor Controllers

Adjust flow rate & Spray Pressure on the fly.

Adjust your liquid application rates with the twist of a knob.

BENCO Motor Controller MSC30-DD with digital guage

BENCO’s Motor Controllers are a simple and inexpensive way to manually adjust your liquid application rates from the cab of your tractor. This allows you to apply more fertilizer or pesticide to the areas of your field that need it and less on the areas that don’t. 

The premise is simple, we vary the amount of power going to the pumps on your system, like a dimmer on a light. This turns the system pressure up or down, increasing or decreasing flow rates to your nozzles and changing the rate at which your liquid is applied to the field. This may not be as advanced as the fully automated systems, but it achieves similar results for a fraction of the cost. 

Just turn the knob on the control box in your cab whenever you need to vary  the flow to the field. The digital readout will give you direct feedback of current system pressure.

This is an ideal companion to OnSite FMS, which monitors the exact flow rate of liquid going to each row in real time. With BENCO Motor Controls varying pressure and OnSite monitoring flow rates, you get full application rate control and real time monitoring of your application rates without the expense of a full precision ag system. 

BENCO's line of Manual Motor Controllers
PWM Controller
BENCO Motor Controller MSC30-DD with digital guage


Motor Controller with
Digital Pressure Display

BENCO Motor Controller MSC30-SSG with analog guage


Motor Controller with
Analog Pressure Gauge

BENCO Motor Controller MSC30-NG without guage


Motor Controller without Gauge
(Best with OnSite FMS)

PWM Controller
BENCO Motor Controller MSC30-PWM Pulse Width Modified flow rate controller


Motor Controller with PWM Control
(Works with existing precision ag systems)

Why use a Motor Controller? 

You are in control. 

Motor controllers are a little old-school, and that’s just how we like it. They allow you to vary application rates to different parts of your field manually.  They may not be automated like the bigger fully automated systems, but they can give you the same fine grain control of how much liquid fertilizer you are applying to your fields for a small fraction of the cost of a full precision ag setup.

You know your fields. You know how you want to apply chemical to them. BENCO Motor Controllers give you the ability to achieve extremely accurate application rates in the field for several hundred dollars instead of tens of thousands of dollars. Because our system varies the pump output directly, we can adjust system pressure faster and and maintain it more accurately than the traditional butterfly valves. As an added bonus, you’ll generally see longer life from your pumps as well.   

  • Add real control to your sprayers & fertilizer application without changing your system  
  • Gives you complete control with a single knob right in your tractor’s cab for quick access
  • Ideal for the smaller operator who wants better control but can’t justify the high costs of a full precision system 
  • Analog or digital meter for precise control 
  • Controls motor speed on any 12V electric pumps
  • Varying the pumps gives quicker, more accurate adjustments while helping increase pump life 
  • PWM version integrates with existing field computers to free up hydraulic circuits while giving more precise control
  • Vary your spray pressures on the fly from the comfort of your cab 
  • Save on fertilizer costs – apply fertilizer on the areas that really need it, cut back on the areas that don’t 
  • Get more precise pressure control and faster adjustment
  • Use with OnSite Flow Monitoring System for real-time feedback of true liquid application rates

A simple, economical choice.

Precision farming is great. It can help every field produce at its maximum potential. However, the systems are extremely expensive and complex. They just don’t make sense for many smaller farmers. 

BENCO’s Motor Controllers are a simple alternative to the expense and complexity of a full precision setup. You can get the same precise control your application rates for a few hundred dollars rather than tens of thousands of dollars. The system often pays for itself in fertilizer savings the first year you own it, even for a smaller farmer. 

Not only is the BENCO Motor Controller extremely affordable, it replaces expensive hydraulic pumps with more affordable electric pumps, potentially saving you thousands on the pump and freeing up a hydraulic circuit on your tractor.   

  • Simple, single knob interface
  • Works with your existing setup
  • Frees up a hydraulic circuit
  • Uses less expensive electric pumps
  • No additional computers or components needed
  • PWM controller integrates with most existing field computers
  • Easy to set up. Easy to move between machines

Universal Application & Easy Installation

BENCO Motor Controllers work with any system that uses electric pumps, regardless of manufacturer. The BENCO Motor Controller simply plugs in before the pump and controls the power to the pump. No additional hardware to upgrade.   

BENCO Motor Controllers include a BENCO custom wiring harness to make installation a breeze. We have cables designed to work with almost any setup you could have. If you do run into problems, our skilled techs are here to help get your system up and running in no time.  

  • Add more control to any existing system that uses an electric pump
  • Works on both planters and sprayers
  • Our custom wire harnesses make hooking up to any system a breeze
  • All wires feature high quality weather-tight connectors
  • 30 amp max
  • Easy access fuse protects unit from power overloads 
  • Motor & battery extension cables available to make installation easier. 
  • BENCO stands behind our system with full support 

Go electric and free up a hydraulic circuit with a PWM Controller

BENCO Motor Controller MSC30-PWM Pulse Width Modified flow rate controller

If you already have a precision ag setup, but are out of hydraulic circuits, a BENCO PWM Motor Controller may be the perfect solution. Switching your hydraulic pumps to electric not only frees up a hydraulic circuit, but can actually give you better control when paired with a PWM Controller.

BENCO’s PWM Motor Controller takes the universal Pulse Width Modulation feed from your existing field computer and uses it to precisely vary the output of the electric pumps running your planter or sprayer.

A BENCO PWM Motor Controller replaces the traditional regulating valve by adjusting the pump pressure directly. Regulating the pumps themselves gives you faster, more precise application rate adjustment than a traditional butterfly valve setup while increasing pump life. Our PWM Controller is compatible with ANYTHING that puts out a PWM signal. 

Save money, get more control, and free up a hydraulic circuit with a BENCO PWM Motor Controller.  

Contact BENCO today at (605) 213.1010 to order your PWM Controller.

OnSite FMS + BENCO Motor Controller = Precision Application for less.

OnSite FMS monitor mounted in tractor

Combine OnSite FMS with your BENCO Motor Controller for even more precise control of your application rates. 

  • Your BENCO Motor Controller will precisely adjust the pressure in the system.
  • OnSite FMS precisely monitors the flow rates going to each nozzle.
  • When combined, you get extremely fine-grain control of your application rates that is easy to adjust on the fly with the twist of a knob.   

This is such a perfect combination, that we usually recommend buying these together.

When you combine the precise pressure control from the BENCO Motor Controller with the full visibility of OnSite FMS, you have a simple, manual version of a precision farming setup. This combined system can achieve similar application rate control to a precision ag setup for less than the cost of the field computer alone on other systems. 

For many farmers, it’s the perfect solution to precisely control their application rates while controlling their fertilizer and equipment costs
Take back control of your field with OnSite and BENCO. 
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