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Serving the Ag Industry for over 15 years

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Helping farmers since 2006

Benco Products, Inc. was formed in Early 2006 after its founder, Jason Benning, discovered that the wire harnesses he manufactured were becoming increasingly popular. Starting from a small office in Sioux Falls, Benco Products first supplied wire harnesses to local retailers and wholesalers.

Soon after the demand increased and the company opened the retail store to the public selling and servicing liquid handling products for planters and sprayers such as Raven spray control systems, valves, spray tips, hoses, fittings, etc. We were one of the first Precision Planting dealers in South Dakota and continue to have one of the best stocked Precision Planting parts departments in the area. 

Jason listened to his customers from day one. BENCO has always worked side-by-side with our customers to ensure their success. All the products BENCO creates are a direct response to the problems we see our customers face every day.  

BENCO Sprayers came about because farmers were constantly bringing in store-bought sprayers to be fixed that just didn’t hold up to the demanding life on the farm. Farmers wanted something better, but there just weren’t any heavy duty mid-sized sprayers available on the market for farmers.  

So Jason used all his liquid-handling expertise to engineer our first industrial quality skid-mounted sprayer. He used the same quality components used on the big ag sprayers, but in a smaller form-factor sprayer, specifically designed for use in a pickup or side-by-side to spray pastures and fence lines. As time went on, we added more features to make sure BENCO’s Products were not only rugged enough for life on the farm, but also had all the features to make them easiest to use.

BENCO Motor Controllers are a direct response to smaller farmers needing an affordable way to control their spray equipment without spending thousands and thousands on a full rate control system. We utilized electric pumps to keep costs low, provide more precise control and also to free up valuable hydraulic circuits on the tractor. 

OnSite FMS is an innovative system that replaces the old red ball systems that just aren’t precise enough for modern farming. OnSite FMS is remains affordable for even smaller farmers while solving some very big problems inherent with the old red ball systems, such as vague monitoring levels, poor longevity, and a myriad of system visibility problems.  Yet the system is engineered to be as simple to use as the old mechanical red ball system. 

Today, BENCO Products manufactures and sell products to farmers, Co-ops and businesses all over the world. The one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing the highest quality products at reasonable prices and our focus on solving problems that farmers face every day.

BENCO Divisions
Benco Manufacturing - Innovative Solutions for Modern Farming
Benco Planters - custom built using Precision Planting technology
Benco Sprayers - Industrial sprayers designed for the real world
Benco Wire Harnesses - OEM & OEM replacement cables
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