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Custom sprayers built to industrial standards

BENCO's Low Profile 80 gallon UTV Sprayer makes a quick chore of large spraying jobs.
Benco Low Profile UTV Sprayers are packed with as many features as possible to make your job easier.

Sprayers built BENCO Tough.

  1. Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel powdercoated frame
  2. Rugged 50, 80 or 100 gallon full drain tank
  3. Dual 3.0 GPM 12v pumps feeds each nozzle independently
  4. Wired remote for flexible mounting & instant fenceline spraying
  5. Dual Banjo pressure regulators w/ liquid-filled gauges
  6. Banjo inline filter strainer to minimize clogs
  7. Brass valve turns off spray nozzle for wand-only spraying
  8. Return line can be used for tank agitation
  9. Professional Valley Industries adjustable spray gun (NEW!)
  10. Standard 10’ wand hose. (longer hoses & hose reels available)
  11. Standard Boominator boomless nozzles give 32’ of uniform coverage
  12. 3/4” Quick-fill port with Banjo valve protected inside skid
  13. Fork receivers for easy handling, even with a full tank
  14. Mounting point for optional 12’ or 18’ quick-release spray booms
  15. D-shaped tie down mounting points. Strap down front-to-rear in an X pattern

Better Quality. Better Features. Better Sprayers.

Over-engineered & over-built to over-perform.

BENCO Sprayers are not just built to take any punishment you can dish out, they are also designed to make your life easier every time you use them. We design our sprayers to be easy to use, easy to service, and replace every other sprayer you own. 

BENCO UTV sprayers  are built with high quality components throughout. Our UTV sprayers feature quality pumps from Ever-Flo, Banjo Liquid Handling valves and quick-release fittings, 50 or 100 gallon rotomolded tanks, and heavy-duty 11 gauge steel construction with powder-coated finish. 

Our sprayers are available as both boomed and boomless spray options. The UTV sprayer pictured above has boomless nozzles that can spray 32 feet across and also a 12 foot boom for more controlled application. All UTV sprayers feature independently controlled dual pumps that will switch from full spray to fence-line spraying with the flick of a switch from the cab of your vehicle.

People who know how to grow like a pro choose BENCO.
Benco Roadside Spray truck with multiple chemical tanks
BENCO Roadside spray truck with Norstar 9 zone spray head
BENCO road deicer for parking lot maintenance


BENCO Custom Spray Solutions

Can’t find a sprayer for your application? BENCO will engineer and fabricate a custom spray solutions for you. BENCO offers custom-built spray trailers, 3-point sprayers for pastures and fields, drop-in sprayers for UTVs and trucks, de-icing sprayers for industrial and municipal applications, and roadway sprayers.  All BENCO products are overbuilt to stand up to the demanding real-world situations that our products encounter every day. 

BENCO Sprayers available features

Speed Sensitive Rate Control

BENCO is the ag sprayer expert. That’s why we use top quality agricultural electronics, like Raven’s SCS 440 or SCS 450 control modules to manage our sprayers. These systems have continuously proven their worth over the last 40 years in the ag industry. Like BENCO sprayers, these flexible systems are easy to use and just work. Enter your application rate and target speed and they automatically adjust the system pressure to match the  the actual roadspeed you are driving and the number of zones you are spraying at the time. Couple that with BENCO’s own high-quality weather resistant wire harnesses for years of trouble free service.

All sprayers are also available as manual systems for applications that don’t need such precise control. Benco Sprayers still give you all the flexibility and design features, just with manual control over valves. We will still usually provide a remote switch box that will allow you to control the on/off functions from the cab, but you won’t have rate control and automatic speed adjustments.

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain

BENCO services just about any sprayer our customers bring us. We know what a pain most equipement is to work on. That’s why we focus on making everything as easy to use and maintain as possible.

All valves are up front and easy to access. Many systems feature a quick-fill coupling so you can use the pump to drain or fill the tank from a reservoir in no time at all. Our hoses feature Banjo Cam Couplings for quick disconnects. Our spray booms feature quick-disconnect pins for easy removal and they can be rotated 180 degrees so the sprayer can be stored flat on the ground.  All wiring is tucked out of the way and has weather-resistant quick connects. Our skids all feature pickup points and forklift receivers to make loading and unloading your sprayers easy. BENCO Sprayers are better simply because they make your job easier.  

Heavy-Duty BENCO Construction

At BENCO, we don’t cut corners. Everything we build is meant to be used hard. We use heavy gauge steel for the frames and brackets.  All of our plumbing uses industrial Banjo Liquid Handling glass-reinforced pumps, fittings, and cam couplers with heavy duty kink-free hoses. Every piece of your BENCO sprayer is designed to overperform in any conditions.

Customizable to Fit Your Needs

As with all BENCO sprayers, each system is customized to the needs of each customer. It starts with a simple conversation to figure out how you plan to use your sprayer. From there we will give you a several options to find a solution that best fits both your requirements and your budget.

Give BENCO a call today at 605.213.1010 to discuss your ideas.

Benco Industrial Quality Farm sprayers - side by side drop in
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