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OnSite FMS adds digital accuracy to row-by-row flow monitoring of in-furrow and starter fertilizer on your planter.

OnSite FMS vs. Floating ball systems

Planter swap from red balls to OnSite FMS

The problem with floating ball systems

Traditional floating ball sightglass systems only show you if ANY liquid is flowing in the system. They can detect when the flow stops from clogged lines, but don’t give you an accurate idea of how much fertilizer is actually flowing through the system or how it is being applied to the field.

OnSite FMS solves this problem by digitally monitoring the flow of fluid to each row in the system in real time. Because Onsite FMS shows you the actual flow rate of the liquid fertilizer to each row, you know at a glance precisely how much starter fertilizer is being put down on every row. You can quickly see if any individual row’s flow rate is starting to drop or spike and fix the problem before it becomes a full clog.

Floating balls can't detect partial blockages

Floating balls only measure if ANY liquid is flowing. If you are flowing at 20%, the little floating ball will likely still be bouncing like everything is fine. Meanwhile you’re underfeeding one row and overfeeding other rows. This can create uneven emergence and impact your yield.

Onsite FMS shows you your actual flow rates in real time for each row. You can see at a glance if any rows are getting blocked and make adjustments quickly.

OnSite FMS software is easy to use

Floating ball systems are hard to see.

Sight glass systems are frustratingly difficult to see at the best of times. The problems compound as the sight glasses discolor with age, when using darker fertilizers, at night, when your planter is kicking up dust, or in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

OnSite FMS’ big 7” high resolution display sits in the cab next to you, giving you perfect visibility 100% of the time. You can run any fertilizer in any conditions and know the exact application rate of each row unit in real time. See what you are missing with OnSite FMS. 

By the time the ball drops, there’s been a problem for a while.

Blockages can happen quickly, but more often they build up slowly over time. Unfortunately, floating balls only really register the problem once the flow has all but stopped completely. While that clog builds, less and less of your precious (and expensive) fertilizer is getting applied to that row and could be impacting your emergence and consequently your yield.

OnSite FMS gives you real time flow rates so you can see issues developing before they turn into problems. It’s the difference between idiot lights that only tell you something has failed versus having full gauges that can help you see trends and diagnose issues as they develop.

By the time you see one issue, there are probably multiple issues.

Pressure will find the path of least resistance. Often, the system will compensate for one clogged row by pushing the extra fertilizer on the surrounding rows. This change often won’t be noticeable in a floating ball system until multiple rows are clogged and the overall pressure finally drops. With OnSite FMS, you can monitor even the smallest drops in flowrate and make adjustments as necessary.

Know Your Flow On Every Row with an OnSite Flow Monitoring System

See exactly how your in-furrow fertilizer is being applied in real time with OnSite digital flow metering technology. Contact BENCO today to order your system and be ready for planting season.
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